Novation Supernova Knobs

Hi there,

I need a few knobs for my Supernova II keyboard. You appear to be out of stock. However in the original Supernova keyboard and Supernova II Rack sections, you do have the knobs available. They all appear identical and I would have thought Novation would have used the same part across variants.

Will I be ok ordering #2495 for my II keyboard?

Many thanks,
Jonathan (UK)

Since I had no reply from Syntaur I took a chance. For those wondering the same I can confirm that:

#2078 and #2495 are NOT the same.
They are identical in terms of shape but #2495 is smaller.
#2495 DOES however fit the Super Nova II keyboard.

I used the smaller knobs for the rotary encoders. Overall, not ideal but better than nothing!

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