Oberheim DPX-1 Power Supply

This afternoon I fired up the old Oberheim DPX1 in preparation for me possibly putting in a HxC Disk Emulator or the like… about 45 minutes after powering on and playing around I heard a pop and a sizzle and smoke started pouring out of the thing. Good times!

Can anyone recommend a good replacement power supply for this bad boy?

Here’s a link to a photo of the back of the unit.

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to respond. Cheers.

Anybody? I found a thread on Gearslutz about the notorious unreliability of these power supplies… I’m hoping someone has some advice. There is a rebuild video on youtube… which makes me VERY nervous… but maybe that’s my best shot…

I have a DPX-1 next to me, and I’ve been hoping to pop it open and take a look at that. But I was on the road for a bit, then had to do taxes…