Oberheim Matrix 6 voice issues

Hello Syntaur!
Having some issues with my matrix 6. I did a full clean up and re seated voice chips and all that good stuff. Done a calibration many times. All kinds of stuff. But occasionally and more often lately, the synth voices 2 voices per note. So basically giving me a 3 voice synth. This sounds like a voice chip issue. But I may be crazy, but I don’t feel like a voice chip would act sporadically. It my head it either works or doesn’t.
Probably wrong but just trying to be realistic. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

This doesn’t sound like a voice chip issue to me, if all 3 chips are doubling the voices simultaneously. Could it maybe be a midi in issue where you’re sending it 2 notes with every key press?

Interesting, Im not sending any midi to the synth other that my midi interface. Just playing from its own keyboard. Guess it could be a midi setting. hmmmm

oh right it’s a 6 and not 6r. I remember having a similar problem with my matrix 1000, and I think it was either a midi problem or a setting problem. Did you try factory resetting the keyboard? That could fix it if its a settin issue.

Otherwise it’s likely something up stream of the voice chip.

Thanks so much for the response. Ya Ive done the calibration a million times. I will research how to do the factory reset. Thanks again

You should run the test where you can see what voice is being played, maybe that will direct you to a fault. You can try swapping chips, see if that makes a difference.
If that doesn’t reveal anything then maybe its the demultiplexer chip.

I’m pretty sure this is your problem though:

Wow this totally fixed it. Thanks so much.