Oberheim SEM repair - replacement pot help!

Hi friends - I’m having trouble with one of the SEM’s oscillators in my two voice TVS-1. The LFO modulation is bleeding through even when at the zero position. I’ve tracked it down to a faulty pot, the modulation blend pot has a ground leg that isn’t making contact as it should (I can compare it to the other VCO’s blend pot). Opening it up I can see the resistive strip is toast at the center position. Bummer.

It’s a strange (and old of course) potentiometer… it has an extra ground leg for the center position. I can’t find a replacement but wonder if you all have any thoughts - I don’t see it listed on the two-voice parts list here at Syntaur…

On the pot is stamped -1377544 EF8769

Any experience or tips greatly appreciated.


Quick update, I did see another story out there where someone replaced a resistive strip with a donor pot. That may be hard here because of the shape - the extra ground leg, and also the leads are riveted. But maybe you all have other ideas…

Hoping to figure out some kind of solution! Thanks