Oberheim Xpander Voice Issue

I have a U.S.A. made Oberheim Xpander which has an issue with one of the voices. On voice #6 if I am using any patch with FM the sound is different than the rest of the voices. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or who might be able to fix it for me?


If you have a custom edited programs, you’d surely need to have them backed up as a standard routine. Then you could try a factory reset on the unit to reinitialize all voices and factory programs. Then test it again. If issues disappear and all voices sound normal or same again, you could then reload any custom patches back into memory and retest.

Another possibility is if the problem occurring is on a custom edited or created patch, where there’s a chance a tweaker got 1 or more parameter values wrong on voice 6.
Just a wild possibility. If it’s not custom, but a factory default program, the one might expect hardware issues on voice 6 circuits.

Good luck.

Hello All,

I was able to resolve my issue by replacing IC 4053 in the voice with the issue. Note that in my Xpander (built in the U.S.A.) the voices count down from 6 to 1 from left to right on the voice board.

Thanks to Jeff from The Analog Lab for assistance in tracking down the issue.