Original Minilogue Malfunctioning

I bought a Minilogue the year it came out and had no issues with it until the last year or so.
Now there appears to be some kind of an electrical fault with the device as the various parameters of my patches change randomly without me touching anything. For example, I’ll switch the unit on and within a couple of minutes the filter cut off frequency will begin changing without me touching anything. The delay time, VCO levels, resonance amount and filter envelope settings are also affected at completely random intervals like there’s a ghost creating patches for me. I also notice that the oscilloscope is constantly trembling without me playing anything.

I sent it off to have it repaired, the technician told me it was a problem with the potentiometers and that he had replaced the problem ones for me. But now even the ones he replaced are having the same issues again. I don’t want to send it back to him and pay the same price for another repair. I’m capable of replacing the potentiometers myself but that doesn’t seem to be the root cause of the problem.

This is driving me mad at this point and I can’t find any information about this online whatsoever.
Has anyone here got a clue what I should do?