OSC OSCar push buttons

Heya, a bunch of Oscar owners are trying to figure out what kind of switches it uses. We’ve so far found three different kinds of switches, that all seem compatible. I can only attach one picture at the moment as a new user, so I got all of them in one. No good pictures of the third one, but pinout is the same.

It’s a non-latching momentary short travel switch, with, I think, a bridging wire, so that pin 1 and 3 are always connected, and pin 2 connects when the button is pushed down. The square black type seems to have had 4 pins from the start, and one snipped off. That may be true for the gray ones as well.

Does anyone has any idea what brands or types or names or anything these buttons could have. There are some people who need replacements. Of course, adaptor boards are a possibility, but it would be nice to have to avoid that.

It’s crazy that in the 80’s there was multiple options that would fit, and now, nobody has even a clue of what switches these are. :slight_smile:

For anyone looking, one version of the switches (with a square cap, like the first one, but grey body like the last one) are Ruwido 15130 switches.