P-105 with dead keys

I have a Yamaha P-105 with some dead keys - they bottom three D keys, the bottom two A flat keys and the C in the sixth octave.

I’ve cleaned the contacts (‘the internet’ indicated that might be a solution for such a problem) - didn’t work. I tried switching around the rubber contact strips to see if they were the problem - the same keys are dead, so I concluded they weren’t.

Have replaced the contact board for the lower section (certain that would fix it :slightly_frowning_face:) and no change…

Anyone have any ideas? Only thing left I can think of is the main board - but I think that would be prohibitively expensive :shushing_face:

This is probably a middle board problem due to corrosion . It’s best to replace all 3 boards as long as you have the unit open. Yamaha recommends changing the rubber too, but in my experience when this issue occurs changing the rubbers isn’t really necessary.

Cool, thanks. I’ll give that a try (if I can get hold of them!)

I know, right?? Backorders are a bitch.

So I replaced lower, middle and upper boards - which fixed all the keys in the lower registers, but now I’ve lost the C#s and G’s in my top two octaves…

Any ideas?

Sounds like one of those pesky cables are either not seated correctly or when you reattached one you bent one of the pins……