P-85 metronome randomly turning on

Anyone had their metronome randomly turn on with a Yamaha P-85? If so, any suggested fix?

first “port of call” check tactile switch on the left panel - they can get flaky (does the switch feel same/similar to any others?)

Thank you, it does feel a little more sticky. I was going to take it apart and see if something was stuck. Do you happen to know what board it’s on in case it needs to be replaced? I couldn’t figure that out as I didn’t see an exploding parts diagram.

The tactile switch is right underneath the metronome button. Just take all screws out of the bottom - there’s about 80 or so from memory - take off the bottom, remove few more screws to free the flat cables (4 screws - shorter type than the others) - then look between the hammer weights there are 7 or eight screws - counting from left or right in every 3rd hole.
Once that last set of screws is out you can lift the entire keyframe away and get access to the board.

Thank you, seems like having a spare switch on hand is worth it if something is mechanically wrong as I’m guessing they don’t tend to get dust buildup?

No they are not affected by dust as such - except maybe between the button and the switch itself. However, tactile switches are known to go bad. They actually work like a a dome being pushed down to make the contact and then the dome wants to get back where it belongs upon releasing the button. Sometimes that dome collapses and doesn’t fully return which causes the issue that you see. Tactile switches are very common and easy to come by - if you can’t find one with a short shaft but it actually fits the circuit board - just clip the shaft to required length - easy really …

Thank you for all the great information, its very kind of you. I ordered one from Syntaur as it seemed easy enough.