Pianonova (Williams?) keyboard rubber or equivalent

Dear all,

Pianonova is a cheap chinese brand. I think the same manufacturer also makes the ‘Williams’ piano’s.

For my 2 kids (6 and 8) I got a free digital piano nova lyra JX120. When I got it, none of the keys were working. Those saying: throw that trash away and buy something decent; I agree; however, I first want the kids to have a tasting on this one.

Using graphite on the PCB and conductive paint on the keypads, I have gotten all the keys working again, however, I would really like to replace the rubbers altogether, giving this piano another few years of trouble free operation.

They don’t have to be original pianonova parts. I don’t care what they came from, as long as they have the same conductive area’s. Suziki also has had these pads, they would work.

I’m talking about this part:

Note that it has a conductive dot in the middle, and a conductive ring on the outside. This ring has a gap in it, this is by design (they all have it) but not neccesary, so it can be a complete ring.

Good evening,Im from the Netherlands and i had the same problem. I searched everywhere to find replacement rubbers, nowhere to be found. But now i did, you can use rubbers from a Suzuki Hammond XB1 or XB2, you can find them on ebay. What you have to do is cut of the little in place holders on the rubbers. I used a fast dry glue on the corners of the strip to let them stay in place. It works rally good, including the velocity, Ill put some picture on the forum aswell how i did it with my pianonova. I hope you all can do the same, and play for a long time.


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