Portamento on Juno 106 Weird Issue

Not sure how to problem solve this one as I can’t find this issue mentioned anywhere else online.

I have been restoring my Juno 106 and have a weird issue with the Portamento when the switch is on. I’ve notice that the sound doesn’t glide the way it should and acts up. It sometimes decides to glide and then randomly just not anymore. It also will glide weird and not naturally at times and sound almost out of tune at random moments.

I purchased the pot for the portamento speed knob from Syntaur and it didn’t fix the issue. I have a video of me playing it to showcase the issue for reference.

Recently replaced all 6 voice chips and the battery part as well as a few sliders and the power adapter. Do I need a brand new board for that section or is there something else that needs to be replaced? Thanks for any advice or help.

Are you using portamento in Poly Mode 2? It only works as you would expect in that mode. By default Juno boots up in Poly Mode 1

Ive tried both and the issue still persists. I will say though that I don’t notice a differencein Poly 1 vs Poly 2. I thought one will only play the first 6 notes while the other option will start borrowing from note 1 once a 7th note is played. However, I only experience the first option where only 6 notes will play without borrowing or taking away from note 1 etc. Is that normal or is there another issue with my Poly buttons not changing the note borrowing feature?

To be sure, play monophonically and use Poly 2 mode. If it behaves as you’d expect then it’s probably ok. I don’t have a 106 currently in the shop to check but most cases issues with portamento have been that. You should be able to notice a difference between Poly 1 and 2 playing normally, if they behave the same then indeed you have an issue.