Problem reassembling keyboard case

I’m embarrassed to ask for help but, nevertheless, I’ve disassembled and reassembled my MX 88 case a number of times and, unfortunately, over the last couple of times used the wrong screws . Now (no surprise) I am at a loss to locate screws that will actually screw in and bite. Am I at the point where I’ll have to have the screw holes drilled out or is there another remedy? Thank you.

Sure theres a fix,but more info is needed.You say screws,which are pointed and usually used for wood and plastic.If they are phillips or flathead like a screw but not pointed they fit a nut and are called machine screws. If they are hex, they are called bolts and can have other types of heads,socket/allen, button, security ,etc. Get some more details of the problem and what materials/synth you are having this problem with…Your location would help too.i could just tell you to go to your local Ace hardware,they have a huge aisle of just fasteners,but thats USA…If you don’t have the skills or maybe equipment to do the job,I can handle it for you. I’m in the southeast, Atlanta

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