Prophet 5 Rev 2 problem osc a

After months of work on this babe (power supply rebuild, cpu board rebuild, full recap, keyboard and panel rebuild) this midified rev 2 finally screams. Everything works fine now except that 3 of the voices lacks the osc a. In fact i can see a very poor “trace” of them on my oscilloscope but very “far” in the noise floor … makes me think that the osc ssm chips are ok … any help here ?

Did you trace the signal on the corresponding voice from the SSM2030 (pins 6 and 8)-> CD4016 (pins 3 and 2) -> SSM2020 (pin15) ?
Where does it disappear?
If it is gone already at the 2030, then remove the 4016 (because if the 4016 is broken it might pull down the signal at its input).

Thanks i will try this but my main problem is locating the osc a on the board (i don’t have layout of the rev2 boards) … as soon as i located them i’ll give a try !