PSR S900 & PSR 2100 Screen

Good morning syntaur, please do you have or can you help me get;

  1. PSR S900 Screen
  2. PSR S710 Motherboard & Screen
  3. PSR 2100 Motherboard
  4. PSR 2100 Key IC

The PSR-S900 display is no longer available from Yamaha:

We don’t know when or if we might come across a used one, so your best bet is to add your email address on that part page to get notified when we do get one.

We can special order the PSR-S710 display and main board from Yamaha:

The PSR-2100 main board is no longer available from Yamaha, and I noticed you have your email address listed for when and if we receive one of these. I’m not sure what the Key IC is - we would need to have a more exact chip number to research this.

I can help you with a used psr 2100 board and psr 2100 keypad ic

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Please how do I get them?
Please kindly state your location?