Psr s970 giving No sound

dιѕplay and all ѕwιтcнeѕ are worĸιng ғιne but sound is not coming out of speakers also output and Headphones
ĸιndly нelp


God Bless You.

Ar you using he correct power adapter and is it working OK?!

If that is OK, then … I think you will not have much simple luck with that one - you have either an on-board PSU fail or the main Audio Interface chip (yellow block in picture below) is faulty.

all inputs (red lines go to that Audio Interface chip via ADC chips (Analogue to Digital Conversion) and all outputs (blue lines) come from the Audio Interface chip via a DAC chip (Digital to Analogue Conversion) to the headphones and L/R output or from the Audio Interface chip vai TWO digital amplifiers (one Low Frequency and one High Frequency) to the speakers.

Also - all parts are within the main board (the orange box that follows bottom and right)

You can make one little test and connect a guitar lead (jack lead) to the Guitar and/or AUX input an see if you get that through the speakers

If not - the main fix may be the main board to be replaced - not cheap !!

That’s so kind of You
May God Bless You

can you do this and get any output ?


also - maybe a long shot - do a Factory Reset
This will delete all your stored settings


Demo and Reset is not working I tried Everything

This problem Started in the month of Nov 2019
Before Covit 19
Hope this will not last for 970 days

Thank you so much

May God Bless You and Your Family.

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