Rare switch repair for vp330 rs 505

i have an rs 505 that needs a new switch for the pitch shift settings on the pedal. (part 1647 on syntaur (3 position toggle switch aluminum lever). only the shaft is broken, but the mechanism itself still works. the switch is also riveted shut.
any tips on repairing it?
had several ideas… but i think the method i want to go for is to find a matching shaft and stick it in there. open to other ideas if anyone else has found a fix.

Uuh, that is the four pole version. I don’t think it is available today. You might search for the two pole version (like https://www.syntaur.com/Items.php?Item=4484) and try to take the shaft mechanism from it and implement it in your existing four pole switch.
Maybe ask the syntaur guys whether they think it is doable before you order it.

ok, thanks, i ordered that switch to try that before posting this. couldnt get it to work. thank you though.