Redsound Darkstar


I need Advice on Repair of my Darkstar. Some Pots jump, some just do plain nothing. So my Plan is to solder new pots to it. Unfortunately there are no resources on wich to use. So I thought maybe you could help me.
The pots installed seem rather cheap, four pins with the middle pins bridged. Written on it is A 100 K wich I assume means logarithmic 100 Kohms. If you have any advice, let me know


We may be able to find those pots. Yes, the A100K means it is 100K ohms, and audio (log) taper. But are all of the pots you need that same value? The other pots may be other values.

On most 4-pin pots, the fourth pin is a dummy, and is not connected to anything. But sometimes, it is a center tap, and we don’t have any schematics to determine this. It’s not likely that center taps were used.

Also, do any of the pots have a center detent (a click stop in the middle of the rotation)? Or are they normal, smooth travel through the full rotation?

Finally, what is the measurement in mm from the face of the circuit board to the tip of the pot shaft? I’m guessing 20mm from pics I see online, but maybe they are 25mm.

Hi Sam,

thanks for your effort. In my Unit all pots have A100K written on it. The Middle Pins are all soldered together, I don’t know if thats this “Center Tap” thing you speak of. I measured the pots and they are indeed 25 mm. Also the shaft is dented (don’t know what else to say) , so the knobs fit. And lastly, they don’t have a center detent, but if I’m going to change them anyway i would choose to change some.


This should be the correct pot, and we have these in stock now: