Remove back from Kurzweil K2661

Which screws do I remove to take the bottom plate off a Kurzweil K2661? There must be 20 screws and I assume that only 6-8 actually hold the back on. Which ones are they?

Usually all around the perimeter of the base board and maybe one next to the mod and Pitch wheel. All in the centre of the base board hold the keyboard in place. You do not take the base board off - you remove the screws and the swivel the top cover to the rear

Thank you but I’m still not getting it. Assuming that I remove all of the correct screws, what do you mean by “swivel the top cover to the rear”? I’m having a difficult time visualizing that because the whole bottom appears to be one big steel plate with the cutout for SRAM, etc access (and a lot of screws going through it). Except for the side panels (that may or may not come apart) the rest of the top appears to be one big curved piece of steel with all of the controllers shafts and stems protruding through it. So, what swivels?

Do you know where I might find an assembly diagram? I have the Operations Manual, and what I think is the multi-part Service Manual and I can’t find such a diagram. I’ve had this K2661 since 2005 and never needed to open it before. Obviously, any knowledge I’ve gained from working on K2000s over the years has no generalization to these machines :slight_smile:

Thank you again,
John Rossi

Need these out

Need them two screws out as well

Then the two side panels come off

Then you should see that the top and bottom are two pieces - I think there are a few screws at the rear to take the top off from the bottom.