Repair Roland XP10

I’m pretty new to all this synth/electronic repair stuff. I got this synth for cheap, the guy said it was working but he opened it up and tried to clean it and now it shows no signs of being functional. No lights, no noises. I checked the power cord and it seems fine. Tested it with a multimeter and it shows it has continuity. I’ve poked around here and there on the board but it all shows continuity so far. He said he probably damaged the ribbon cable that goes to the lcd. However I was thinking I could at least hear some noise even without the use of the lcd? And those lcds are more expensive than I would have thought! Otherwise I would have bought the damn thing by now. But no noise doesn’t leave me feeling too optimistic about repairing this. Any thoughts???-Thank u for your time.

I also just wanted to add, none of the caps look swollen. Nothing visually to lead me to believe it’s a damaged board or component. Thanks again.

You need to start from the beginning (see picture)

  1. Is the AC adapter working and has it the correct polarity?
  2. Is the power switch working and the polarity safety diode OK?
  3. Is the +5V regulator working?