Replace broken key Roland JX-1: 2 sets of questions

Replace broken key Roland JX-1: 2 sets of questions

Hello! I have two sets of questions about replacing a broken key on Roland JX-1. I want to ask before I get in too deep. I see 2 challenges.

First: the long clear piece of plastic that runs along the back of all keys, and is set right against the lip or hook at the back of each key. [“19” SK-8 61P stopper 221354444]

I assume it is held in place by the yellowish adhesive strip that it sits on.

It seems like I cannot replace a broken key unless I remove this clear pastic strip. Because the strip is right against the lip, and the lip has to go over (when unit is inverted for repair) the metal bar [AR10B angle] behind it. It “hooks” onto that metal bar that runs along the entire width L to R of the synth.

Is it true that I must remove the clear strip to replace a key due to the need to get the lip over the metal frame?

If I peel the plastic strip up, will the yellow adhesive strip stay adhesive, or do I need to replace that adhesive strip?

Will the clear plastic strip be reusable?

That is the first set of questions.

Second set of questions:

There is the central metal bar across the entire synth, left to right [AR10B angle]. The keybaord assembly screws to this, the main board screws to this, the control-panel circuit board screws into this, a nd the slider circuit board screws into this.

Is there a way to slip the keybed out of the unit without disconnecting this main metal bar from everything? Can the main metal bar be left in place as I pull keybed out?

I see keybed has to come away from this bar to get spring connected at back of key. When inverted, the spring is “under” that metal bar, so it seem slike yes I have to get all of these pieces disaseembled to replace one key. Is this true?

Any other advice on a key replacement? Any more info needed? Is it hard to get slider and control panels lined up if I have to remove them?

Thanks! Once I know whether I need just a key and spring, or the clear strip and or adhesive strip, I will place my order!

Update: I now see the springs go into the keybed frame, not that long bracket.