Replacement 12 and 13 key contact strips for Alesis Micron

Hi all,

I’ve got a Micron here I saved from the dust bin. Did quite a bit of work to bring her back to life, but I have one unsolvable problem - 2 dead keys. I know the board is good, it’s the fact that the carbon contacts on one 12 key strip and one 13 key strip are gone / missing (I can slide a good pad over the dead keys, and they work fine, so it’s for sure the pads).

Have tried replacing, with delicate surgery, keypads from other 37 key synths, but the carbon contacts are too short, too narrow, not aligned properly, or otherwise not right. I’ve also tried creating new carbon contacts with carbon strips, JB weld, and a prayer, and yeah, just nothing works. It seems the Micron needs key pads aligned down to the micron (pun intended).

Wondering if anyone has some advice here, or knows of a compatible part? Just about every 37 key synth uses two 12s and one 13 key contact strip (12 + 12 + 13 = 37). Most have nubs on the side that faces up that would need to be removed.

Like this one, man, this would be a lot of de-nubbing with a razor blade, and these don’t quite look right.