Restore Korg Trinity factory sounds via sysex?

Hi all, new to this forum, first post: I’m restoring a Korg Trinity v. 2.2-something (not the V3) and made the apparently fatal error of performing a factory reset, wiping out all the factory patches. I’ve just learned the hard way that the Trinity ‘doesn’t’ have the ability to restore factory sounds from internal ROM? Instrument works great otherwise. I’m unable to find a simple sysex file for these factory sounds no matter where I look, instead the consensus seems to be to purchase new versions of the old floppies containing the original .PCG files. Which I’m glad to do if there’s no other solution, but…am I missing something? Shouldn’t restoring factory sounds on the Trinity be a trivial sysex thing? Does anyone have or know of a sysex file to restore these factory sounds to the Trinity (again, v 2.2x) that they’d be kind enough to share? Grateful for any info or insight anyone may have here, thanks!

You can download the factory sounds from Korg website and copy them to a gloppy disk . They are available on a lot of websites including KorgForums.

Thanks for the reply - prior to my post here, I was able to source the .PCG files you’re referring to fairly easily and I agree, they’re available on a lot of websites. I also agree that those files could then be copied to a floppy disk, those same sites indicate the MS-DOS format. Without the means to copy the Trinity preload .PCG files to a floppy disk personally and in the interest of time, I’d like to thank Keyboard Kountry for making copies of the Trinity preload disks available for sale. Once the sounds are restored to the Trinity, I may experiment with saving them as a sysex file and if it works, share the results.

Hi, did you have any luck with the sysex method?
I’ll soon find myself in the exact same situation with the inability to easily create floppies (I understand it’s impossible on Windows 64bit machines)

I can get the sysex for you if you still need it - just let me know.

There are “korgforums” online that probably have the best answers to all the ways to go about this and links to certain editor programs. I don’t think you can load old PCG via a plain sysex dump, but I have limited knowledge.

Hi! I am trying to restore factory sounds to a Trinity v2.4.0 - want to try sysex, but so far I’ve only found a file for V3 I guess… Can anyone help me with a .syx file for v2.4 without Moss/solo?

Tried Trinitro for PCG - receives programs from the synth, but when I try to “Send to” - returns “time out / no response from the Trinity”…

Thank you!

I don’t know this program in particular, but I have found that old programs will work differently with PC/Mac and different operating systems. Even though it may look the same, sometimes something will keep failing until I try it on a different computer.

Hi! Thanks for writing. I have actually succeeded with restoring the sounds, you are right - Trinitro did its job in Parallels environment, not in WINE emulation - has something to do with how the system interacted with USB/MIDI interface drivers I guess.
I am very happy about Trinity - it sounds beautiful to my ears, happy it works again.

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Hi there, I am having the same issue “no response from trinity” when I try to send PCG. file. I am using USB/MIDI 2.0 and Windows 11 so follow all the steps I have seen on other posts but still I am getting this message. Tried the MidiOx software to confirm that my midi work okay and looks all good. Can you please share how did you managed to fix it please ?

for me the issue was related to USB/MIDI software I guess. Once I’ve launched Parallels on my mac everything went fine, though I still could only upload a few PCG presets at a time (sometimes a dozen, another moment just three) - I did it in batches. I assume that USB/MIDI cables (mine was the cheapest from Amazon) are not really perfect for this purpose.
Have you tried transmitting banks to Trinity? Are you able to receive one patch from Trinity into Trinitro?