Return springs on Midiplus X6 Pro

I have a Midiplus x6 pro I found on Amazon for under $200 that I use on occasion to play on a jazz trio cocktail gig.
I really like the way its built, the grand piano sound is actually decent, it portable and the keybed action is responsive; well almost.
The problem I run into is that some notes don’t trigger; this usually (if not always) happens when I play lightly.

I tried changing the velocity settings on the instrument but that didn’t solve the problem.
I opened up the unit and removed a few springs to see how the keys strike the trigger pads and the problem seems to be that the springs are too stiff.

Would like to know if I could get lighter guage return springs for this unit?
I’ll attach a few photos of the springs that are in the unit.

Would it be possible to get a few different sets of spring strengths to try?