Roland boutique jp-08-slider pot availabilty?

Dear All,

I am trying to locate replacement for Slide potentiometer, 50KB with amber LED, 10mm travel.
I potentially have 3 to repair

It out of stock for long time now. I tried searching the internet for alternative but could not find the exact same model 50KB

anybody any ideas how to source this part?


Have you tried digi-key and mouser?. Their techs are pretty good and would know if theres ageneric replacement slider… Its a sourced out part on most synths. other possibility maybe be to use a close in value slider so to speak then change its " support" components or add /subtract to get the right values again. Without having in depth electronics experience this is hard to explain and lengthy at least.

HI hawgford

Thanks for your feedback. I will give the Guys at Mouser a call. I will send an update.