Roland D-10 & Ensoniq SQ1

Hi everyone! my name is Jeramiah from New Zealand. Happy 2021

In my studio I have a Roland D-10 from the 80’s with a few dead keys and slightly unresponsive buttons (on the start/stop) functions. Apart from that it’s working fine with all it’s cheesy 80’s glory. Research via Youtube tells me It’s to do with the circuit board and that I can use a pencil to re-draw the connections? personally, are there replacement parts to just swap out the whole circuit for the keyboard? It’s covered in stickers unfortunately and they don’t want to seem to scrub off…Cosmetics! It’s important!

Also, I have a Ensoniq SQ1, I need 5 replacement keys (used ice cream container lids and super glue for the meantime) A new battery, and also any help on the rom chip upgrade. Research again tells me upgrading the rom chips in the SQ1 is a bit of a tricky process on the older models with the non plastic casing on the outside. I have the "built like a tank’ model.

I also wouldn’t mind memory cards for both the D-10 and the ensoniq. I’m not sure what I would need to make a flash drive of sorts and just load what i need in there…

Please respond and let me know the best options in moving forward. I have gotten obsessed with it now and want to “make it so”

Cheers, Jeramiah

Re: the ESQ1 fixes –

With all due respect to these forums, you might have better luck with ESQ1 info on Rainer Buchty’s SQ80 mailing list: It’s pretty lively and there is lots of Ensoniq wisdom amongst its participants.

I’ve not replaced the OS ROMs in an ESQ-1, but a cursory glance at Buchty’s site and this tutorial he linked to doesn’t seem to indicate any difference in process between the plastic and metal chassis ESQ-1? Have you looked at these pages already?

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Cheers for the reply and link over to SQ80! very handy!

Yeah mine’s earlier than the ESQ1 it’s the SQ1,

I could live without the EPROM’s and just get the replacement keys and a new battery if that’s possible from somewhere. It’s just more for my own synthwave dreams of wanting to do it personally and make sure it’s working/upgraded at the perceived optimal ranges. I have slight musical synth OCD, A midi life crisis of sorts :wink:

I ran into someone saying that was a issue with the plastic vs metal on the variation between dates…but to be honest, I read a lot that day and I could have made it up. I’ll go through my history.

I did come across that site from memory. awesome, ok will jump into the list and see what I can find!
Cheers again and have a good one!


Whoops, my mistake – either way, someone on there should have suggestions on where to look!

HI Jeremiah, I wondered if you’d made progress with your D-10 ?
I’ve also too just acquired a D-10 that has some issues - non functioning buttons, dead keys and distorted sound output. I’ve ordered replavement buttons, however I have managed to resolve the dead keys.
Essentially there was a bad pcb trace from the graphite pads back to one of the connectors that prevented the 5 keys working. Looking closely at the trace it had some bubbly black corrosion (possible fluid damage at some point?) and testing with a multimeter proved no continuity. I added a jumper wire either connected to either side of the trace to restore continuity and the keys now work.

My main problem now is distorted output which seems present on the PCM54 DAC output - I’ll start a new thread about that.


Regarding the stickers… try use nail-polish-remover. that does not harm the plastic.
do not use benzene or gasoline as this will dissolve your plastic. if you use it on metal parts that should be possible, but be careful. rather try nail-polish-remover first!