Roland D-20, lights up with oscillated space theme

Hey you Veterans!

What’s up with my D-20 and this almost circuit bent noise? I bought it defect yesterday ($60) and hoping to learn from repairing it. Something (most likely coffee) have been poured into it and then it was closet marinated for 10yrs.

Only the sequencer sections bank/number buttons (8 and 8 on the far right) and no further components but some of the circuit board had rich traces of coffee. The buttons were both soldered off and the whole piece were cleaned up from the inside out. Battery’s changed.

Nothing has been measured yet, so no clue bout the power’s being supplied. See pictures and please enjoy my distorted ambient demo!

Except for not buying defect synths, what can you teach me and my misbehaving Roland?!

Thanks for your support!