Roland d 70 freezes and restarts

I have a Roland d 70. I don’t know how or why the screen goes blank. It freezes during use causing me to have to restart the unit…also my after touch feature suddenly doesn’t work anymore…I was thinking it might need a new fuse but I’m not a technician…I need some help.

That wouldn’t be a fuse issue - a blown fuse would cause the unit to stop working until you physically replaced the fuse (restarting would not help). I’m also guessing that the aftertouch issue is a separate issue - if it stopped working and hasn’t come back, that could be that the ribbon cable from the aftertouch strip has gotten disconnected. Here’s a photo of it, and that green end plugs into a circuit board, but may have come loose. Or if that ribbon is damaged, the aftertouch won’t work.

The freezing issue is hard to diagnose, and will likely take a technician to figure out. It could be any number of things causing that to happen.

Sorry, here the aftertouch strip pic:

I second sam about that strip. Ive reconditioned 4 D70s (im not an engineer/tech), i usually fixed the redglue problem with the sk760(?) keybed on my D70s and sometimes used a carbon/silver pen to redraw the broken paths on those old,cracking plastic keybed sensor boards sam is talking about. I’m sure Syntaur can figure it all out if you sent it to them.

We actually don’t do outside repairs here, though. Our techs are up to their ears in in-house projects.

I repair Roland D-xx series this tends to be the processor, it usually needs taking out and reseating back into its socket which I think is a PLCC-68 type so an extraction tool is needed too. I also clean up the CPU contacts with 100% alcohol as well. When pushing the socket back in make sure all the pins line up correctly beforehand. You could solder in a new socket but this is only for expert repairer.