Roland D50 after touch repair?

Curious if anyone has any tips or tricks for a partially responding D50 after touch strip?
All keys sound, after touch functions on all keys, but I have to press super hard to get it to function to 74, normal pressure gets me about 20 of the 127 or whatever the max is.

I know that there is a person in the UK selling an after touch strip repair kit, but $225+ I’m not looking to spend at the moment.

Any help appreciated.

We spoke on the phone earlier. I looked into this problem and see a ton of people mentioning it online. It seems like a few different things can cause it.

This video could be some help. Also check out the top comment on the video for a solution to the same problem but a different cause.

Also make sure the solder joints on the connector that attaches to the aftertouch strip are looking good. Reflow them if they look cracked or cold.

thank you, will take look, but if anyone has some other info it will be much appreciated as well !