Roland D70 Contact strip repair?

I accidently tore one of the 12 contact strips of my D70 when removing it to clean. The tear is transverse, half way across the middle in between 2 sets of contacts. when a key is pressed on either side of the tear, the velocity sensitivity is too high. Touching the key lightly causes higher volume compared to the other keys. Most noticeable on piano sounds with velocity-modulated amp and filter amount. I assume the tear reduced the slight resistance provided by the material in which the carbon contacts are housed. I can’t find any replacement contact strips. If you were in this dilemma. How would you repair the strip. Silicon sealer? Any ideas?

I would first add your email address to be notified when we get some stock of these contact strips:

They are out of production, but we do come across some now and then, and replacing the strip will be the best solution.

We have never tried repairing one, and I’m not sure what will adhere to the silicone rubber and still be flexible enough. Each note has two carbon contacts at different elevations, and note velocity is calculated by the time between each of those making contact when a note is played. The full-on note velocity is being caused by the wrong contact hitting first.

Thanks Sam for your reply. Due to non-availability of the contact strips, I went ahead and attempted a repair with 100% clear silicon. The tear was worse than I had originally thought. It was half way around the base of the mound that houses the 2 carbon contacts. The silicon repair did work, although the full range of velocity has been reduced somewhat. At least the sensitivity has been turned down. But I also discovered that numerous other keys have velocity issues. Some too sensitive like the one that was torn; others don’t reach maximum velocity. When I got this keyboard, about 30+ keys didn’t trigger at all. I now have all 76 triggering. A whole set of contact strips would still be nice to even out the sensitivity across the whole keybed. Let me know when you have any available:
P.S, I love your YouTube videos!