Roland D70 keybed ribbon cables

I’m in deep repairing a D70 keybed that I got in pieces. Naturally I had to do a complete rebuild due to the soul-sucking dreaded red goo issue.
However I’m desperately seeking where I can source another 16 pin ribbon cable that goes from the main board to the upper keys (the long one.) The smaller 20 pin says it’s a SUMITOMO-G AWM 2896 80C VW-1 -F- (20 Pin) FLEX FFC Ribbon Cable. I’ve looked in all of the usual places, but I can’t find the spec’d length, in order to look for a new replacement. I’d rather not have buy another junker for one lousy ribbon cable sight unseen either. Does anyone have any insight? Either cable length or a place I could source one?

Search for 16 pin flat flex cable 1mm pitch. Should bring up a few options. You’re better to go for longer than you need and just fold away the excess.

Just check and make sure the pitch on the cable is 1mm, you can do this by measuring the gaps between the contacts on the socket the cable goes into.

Thanks Giles! The view of the repair manual had the key my question. The upper keys 16 pin FFC cable is 760mm and the lower keys 20 pin FFC cable is 270mm in length. That’s one mystery solved.
I’m trying to find a source on Alibaba to actually furnish the cables. It would so helpful if someone had a source for these custom length FFC cables… but it looks like I have to go this alone and hope for the best.

Hi Shadow211,

Did you ever find those cables?
I have the same question and already ordered cables from china but these are 20624. But the ones i received are to small. Now checking if the pitch size is incorrect (i ordered 1mm) but looks like the conducter size is also different :frowning_face:
For now i soldered a flat cable directly to the keybed and mainboard.