Roland EP-7 Actual Power Supply

Hi there,

I’ve picked up a Roland EP-7 and I can’t seem to find the correct power supply for it.
I did a little digging, and the internet seems to think it takes an AC-120 adapter.
It does not.

  1. Does anyone happen to know the right power supply for an EP-7 and where I might find it?
  2. Is it possible to get a jack adapter to convert my existing power cable up one gauge size?
  3. Anybody want to buy 2 Roland AC-120 adapters that don’t fit an EP-7?




any DC Power Supply that can do 12V and 1.5A will do just fine - observe DC jack polarity is correct - see label at the back of the EP-7

Thanks for the reply.
I’m apparently using the correct adapter, but the jack doesn’t fit.
I’m not sure if it’s the plug or the port. It hadn’t occurred to me until recently, but it’s possible the port is damaged, which is why the correct plug won’t stay in place. I can’t test that theory without ordering a new port and installing it.