Roland Fantom-08 LCD Touchscreen


I recently purchased a used Roland Fantom-08 knowing the touch portion of the touchscreen does not work, per the seller (I have not received the unit yet). My questions:

  1. Is there a setting that can turn off the touch ability of the screen? I did not find anything about it in the manual?

  2. Per the Roland website, ONLY authorized service centers can get internal parts. I am hoping that is not true. The unit is fully useable without the touch option and I can live without it, but I wanted to know where I can get that part and how much that part costs if I did want to replace it, if it is a hardware issue.

Thanks for your help.

The LCD part number is 5100075102. Avalable for around $300 with shipping. I am authorized service and can order for you. Most keyboards with touch screens have a calibration area in the test mode. If the screen shows data,but can’t be navigated then the touch panel is defective. It is all part of the LCD assembly. Email me at Question: are you in the USA?

Hello PCM-tech. I sent you an email a few days ago but did not hear back.

I may be interested in the LCD screen for the Fantom-08. Please let me know if you have a website or other means of contacting you. Thanks.

try my email rosenm001 at