Roland Fantom 8 (61keys) Keyboard writing "ERROR Wave/Expansion Memory Damaged" on the screen

Hello Gurus, :wave:

Please i have a Roland Fantom 8 Keyboard writting on the screen "
Wave/Expansion Memory Damaged.
Please contact Customer Service."

The preset piano voice plays sound while playing the keys but aside this nothing else work on the keyboard. Not even pitch bend.

Please what component could be responsible for this error and would a main board replacement be required for this error fix?

I look forward to your quick response to resolve this.

Thanks in advance :pray::pray::pray:

There were reports a while back about a system update causing this error. I saw something in some roland forums while looking for something else, sorry, I dont recall any details.

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Please can you share the thread link with me please :pray:*****************abc07193cbb*****************abc07193cbb

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Thank you so much for this.

I still look forward to someone helping me with where i could purchase the OPERATING SYSTEM

Please guys help me.

Do you mean the System Program?

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Thank you so much for this.

I will follow up with the instructions and get back here to update you guya on it.

Also, would the current Error message on the keyboard allow me to format the flash via the keyboard???

Or would the 3 buttons “SHIFT” + “EXIT” + “ENTER” allow me to access the recovery mode???

Maybe it could allow me to format the flash and perform the OS installation.

Thanks, i look forward to your response.
Best Regards.