Roland hp1600e sustain pedal repair/replacement

I have a Roland HP1600e piano on a stand that has a 2 pedal (sustain & damper) assembly in it.
This unit connects to the piano by a 3 section guitar jack.
The sustain pedal only works intermittently - it seems to be a dodgy microswitch.
I have taken it apart & have blown away any dust & debris that may be interfering but it still doesn’t work reliably.

I cannot seem to find a replacement 2 pedal assembly that has the same 3 section guitar jack connector and I can only find a KPD-70 bar that contains 3 pedals, but it says this fits the FP-30 stand. I cannot find whether a) my stand is an FP-30 or whether the KPD-70 has a 3 section guitar jack or another connector.
Does anyone know? Or has any ideas on how to mend/replace the dodgy pedal?
My “last resort” option if I can’t find a suitable replacement assembly would be to cut the cable & reconnect it so that the damper pedal works as the sustain pedal. Obviously not ideal but should work - of sorts…
Thank you in advance!

You might be able to repair the pedal with isopropyl alcohol or contact cleaner by cleaning the switch contacts.

However, we do sell new pedals on the Syntaur website.

These are the two options we carry and one should work for your Roland. The two we carry are visually identical (sorry we don’t have a picture of one of them yet), but there is a difference. The VFP210 has contacts open at rest and the VFP215 has contacts closed at rest.

The manual for your piano may tell you which you need or you can test your pedal with a multimeter set to continuity. Place one probe on the sleeve (long metal contact) of the TRS jack, and place the other probe on the tip or ring contact (each corresponds to one of the pedals). If you hear a beep immediately then your pedal has contacts closed at rest. If you only hear a beep when the pedal is pressed then it is contacts open at rest. If you don’t have a multimeter with continuity testing then an ohmmeter works too but instead you are looking for a near 0 ohm reading.

The Roland HP1600e is an older model, and finding specific replacement parts can be a challenge.