Roland HS-60 bender potentiometer replacement?

I’m looking for another possible replacement bender potentiometer for a Roland HS-60 and google doesn’t seem to help.
Does anyone have any idea what might work as a replacement?
Please, it’s the only thing keeping me from really enjoying this classic synth. I’m repairing this to play not to sell.

Here is the pot for a 106. It’s the same on the HS-60.

Unfortunately, that’s a very specialized pot that is not available these days. First of all, it has a center tap, which makes it a bit specialized. But mostly, the taper is unusual in that all of the ‘action’ happens in a much narrower range than the 300 degrees of most pots.

We actually have some pots that are identical, except for that special taper. You can use it to replace your bender pot, but you will only get about 3 whole steps of bend at the most, rather than an octave - which is better than nothing…

Thank you so much Sam!! I never use more than 3 steps anyway. I love your YouTube channel!