Roland HS 60 chip replacement

I am trying to decide if i should replace a MC-5534A DCO chip or AR80017A voice chip in a HS60 I am repairing.
I am trying to find the economical route for this customer, full replacement was suggested, funds are tight.
I have recalibrated and narrowed it down to voice 5 and 6. However, both are experiencing the same issues.
So my question is, is it an issue with the DCO chip shared by both voices or is it both voice chips or is it all 3? 5 and 6 voices sound erratic to quiet and just not seeing the calibration like the others, which are fine. Also, whats the normal failure situation with these chips, meaning, how do they start to fail, or is it just random?

I’d guess that it’s more likely that both 80017 failed rather then the single 5534. And highly unlikely it’s all 3. So I’d start with both 80017 if I were you.
My opinion, but maybe get a few more, maybe 5534s fail more than I know.

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