Roland HS-60/ Juno 106s mute transistors location

I’m trying to fix an Hs-60 which distorts if the VCA level is above -2. This is a common repair on the 106 by replacing the mute transistors at TR7/ TR8. However they are not there on an HS-60. I can not find any service manuals for the HS-60 specifically, except EBay.

Does anyone know where the mute transistors are located?

It depends on which model you have, the HS-60 with an external audio input (routes to the main out, not the chorus or filter) or the standard one.

On the one here I have (no audio input), it’s TR4 & TR5 on the smaller two of the jack boards. I’ve seen something about two other transistors on the larger jack board, but the ones on my board are a 2SC1815 and a 2SA1015 instead of the 2SC2878’s.