Roland Jd 800 Repair

Hi Everyone,

I’m repairing a Roland Jd 800 which suffer about epoxy. The Flex Pcb have some glue on it and i’m trying to remove it but i don’t know how, this pcb is too fragile. If Someone have an idea that’ll be great !

Thank you.

I use a lye solution to dissolve the red key epoxy, but that may damage the flex PCB. Maybe test in a small area first?

We remove this red glue (typically from keys) by letting them sit in the sunlight - usually for a week or so. This makes the red glue become runny and thinner. Then we soak the keys in Awesome, a cleaning solution. It’s a long messy process, and I don’t think the Awesome would damage the flex board - but we haven’t tried cleaning one of these, so please don’t take this as the gospel!

Be very very careful with the printed contact sheet. They damage very easily around the join. Don’t flex that end of it around too much or they become detached and then you’re stuffed (apart from hacking a U220 or D10 contact sheet into it like I did).

Does the D10 have the same red glue issue? If not is it a plug and play keybed that will fit right in?

The keys are the same, except they’re not weighted. The contact strip is electrically compatible but the actual connection on the end are in a different format.

I messed up, it’s the D5 not the D10. Link here

I see, Ya so not a plug and play. Looks like there are only a few, like the u20. But I image they all have the red glue problem. I just fried the ribbon connection. So Im trying to figure that out. I might just go midi in and forget about it. It’s such a pain after all I put into the keys. Dissappointing to not be gentle enough and jack up the connector.

I broke mine doing the red glue repair. It wasn’t massively bad, but tried to catch it early. Unfortunately I not only managed to ruin the contact strip connection but also the rubber contacts. I bought some new rubber contacts, used a D5 contact strip and a lot of soldered wires and it now works but in the end I got a J990 and my JD800 is “resting” for now.

I did design a 3D printable contact block to clamp down over the contact strip connection and make contact but I couldn’t get it to work reliably. But here’s a link if you want to check it out.

Yes Ive been looking at the D5 and for a U20 for that contact strip. Do we know of any other models that had that keybed? Very cool on the contact clamp. Im also considering this video I found about using Silverglue. But Im most afraid that im a little too shaky or my hands are too big to do such a small precise job. Im actually gonna call roland today and let them be rude to me about it. Ill let u know how that goes

None that I know of. I expect it would be possible to convert the signals from some other keybed if you were good with electronics.

They apparently did have some spares keybeds once, not sure if they still do.

Ya Im not holding my breath. But I will keep u up to date on this. Thanks for replying to my message.

I joined a facebook group dedicated to the JD800. I saw a post asking about the keybed situation. And someone mentioned that these keybeds D50, U20, D5, D10, D20 would all fit. Now I realize some are unweighted and some have a different keymounting system all together. But is this legit? I have a lead on a really affordable d 10. If its a matter of replacing the keybed even thought its not semi weighted. I would do it. I realize you have to retro fit the ribbon connector to the PCB. But any thoughts on this? Thanks!

I can only comment on what worked for me. The problem is the connector the contact strip plugs into is in different places on each synth. On the JD800 it connects to a small PCB under the keybed and that then connects to a wire cable to one of the PCBs. On others the contact strip plugs straight into a connector on the mainboard. Some are right angled, some are not. Varying lengths too.