Roland JP-8000 pots

Hi all,

I recently bought a JP-8000 and as a synth lover and amateur electronics enthusiast I’m looking to restore it as best I can (including replacing the caps). One of the issues is that many of the rotary pots are a little loose/wobbly. I’ve opened the unit up and removed the panel board, and I can see/feel that the pots are securely soldered/mounted to the board, so they are fixed tight, however it’s the internal rotary knobs themselves which are loose to varying degrees, I’m guessing from use over time. They simply have a little ‘give’ in them, I.e. if you press them laterally they move a little. I’m not sure if any give was present from factory, or if they’re intended to feel completely tight (except for the rotary action, of course). My question is, if I order some replacement pots - should I expect them to feel completely tight? Or was there always intended to be a slight give ‘feel’ to them?