Roland JP-8000 Slide Pots 10KB vs 20KB

I’ve seen some 10KB slide pots listed as suitable replacements for the “20kb” slide pots. Won’t a different resistance reduce the dynamic range of the effect? For example, instead of being able to adjust the cutout between 0-100% you will only be able to adjust from 0-50%, etc.

Is this something that is resolved when doing the factory test? Does the factory testing mode calibrate the 10KB pots to work like 20KB pots?

The original sliders are Roland P/N 01127634 and no longer available from Roland. I believe the sliders are actually manufactured by Panasonic and Panasonic P/N EWANQ9X10B24, but no information can be found on them online.

Panasonic’s Slide Potentiometer Format for the original part:
EWA = Product code
NQ9 = Specifications
X10 = Lever Trims and Dimensions
B24 = Taper and resistance

Ideally I would like to replace all 16 sliders with brand new pots, but want to make sure I use the best pots available. If a like-for-like replacement is unavailable I will simply keep the originals, open up all 16, and clean them.


It depends on the circuit, whether you can swap pot values like this. In a vintage analog synth, it would change the response of the controls, but in the digital circuits of the JP-8000 panel, it makes no difference.

Unfortunately, Panasonic is no longer manufacturing this type of slide pot. The 20KB pots are not to be found. The 10KB pots are hard to come across, but at least easier to find than the 20KB. We have none of either in stock right now.