Roland Juno 106 fixed voice chips but still has a sustained note on most sounds? help!

I ran a test on the voice chips…they are all working(Synth Spa reconditioned them) I ran the VCF/VCA test and everything checks out there, but I have the one sustained note which appears to be hanging up on the #6 voice…any ideas? Also, there are some sounds where this is not happening

We sell replacement clone voice chips - we don’t recondition any. (Years ago, before the clones were available, we used to remove the epoxy coating on the original chips.) So are these Analogue Renaissance clone chips, or are they original Roland chips?

Sorry I meant to say Synth Spa reconditioned them

Our experience with reconditioning the original Roland voice chips was that about 50% of the time, it got a faulty chip working again. And then, there is still a chance that the chip could fail later down the road. A hanging note is a classic condition of a faulty voice chip, so I think that even though your chips were reconditioned, you still have a bad one.

The Analogue Renaissance chips are bullet-proof. We have sold over a thousand of these, and I can say with great confidence that (a) they sound exactly like the originals, and (b) once installed, you will never have to replace them.