Roland Juno 106 No Audio

My Juno 106 has no audio out… Checked basic stuff… it seems to be loading patches evidenced by led and changes in led as selected…

Loading patch panel changes doesn’t guarantee sound necessarily, but flipping through you should find something that makes some sounds. Put it in test mode or try to make one of the patches I have attached (I just realized that’s a Juno 60, but it should get you close)

It could also be a hundred other things, but try moving the HML switch back and forth. Sometimes those can get so dirty they make it not make sound. It could be a lot of other things, so if these don’t work, you should probably make friends with a local tech.

Yes tried those ideas… I’ve just begun to upgrade, something I was going to do anyway… So new voice chips, new DCOs, new 5vdc voltage regulator, all new sliders… and yes, Kawi CPU upgrade, it’s currently strung about… all boards have been removed and in process… If it’s still not working then I’ll be surprised… But thanks for getting back to me… :musical_score::control_knobs::musical_keyboard::notes::pray:

Hey there! Any updates here? Curious if you found the problem and a solution…

I’m researching a similar no audio problem with my Juno Stage. However, I discovered that the circuit board where the volume knob attaches is cracked…currently researching how to fix that or replace the board itself.