Roland Juno 2 replacement screws

I got my hands on a Juno 2 that’s missing almost all the screws. I’ve checked through the service manual and there are only two screw types listed there. I have no random screws lying around that match the threads for the keybed and none of the screws for other Roland synths I have match them either. Wondering if anyone knows of a complete list of the hardware that includes the appropriate sizes.
I need the keybed screws and the screws that attach to the plastic sections of the lid (the manual lists m3x6mm p tight fe blk for this but doesn’t include thread pitch). Can someone tell me what a p tight screw is?

From what I found, a “p-tight” screw is a “Plastite” screw with coarse threads, designed to fasten into plastic. Often used to hold chassis to front panel, etc.