Roland Juno 6 Button cream

Hi Syntaur Team,

Quick question on the Juno 6 cream buttons 3d remake. You have them listed for Juno6/60 however the buttons are different. Do I need to make a remark in the order which ones I need? (Juno 6 Key Transpose)


The buttons are the same on the Juno 6 and Juno 60, if that’s what you mean. Similarly, all of the cream buttons on the Juno 6 are the same part, regardless of the function.

Thanks for the reply but its not right. I have 2 x Juno 6 and 2 Juno 60`s here. I know all the Juno 6 are the same but not all the buttons on the Juno 60 are the same. Only the Juno 60 Key Transpose, Hold and Arpeggio On/Off are the same as the Juno 6 all the others are different and do not have the extra bit on the inside that clips onto the button shaft. This is why I am asking which ones you are selling? Cheers

My apologies - you are exactly right. The cream button (#2493) will be the Key Transpose button on the Juno-60. I’ve updated our site to avoid this confusion - thanks!

Thanks… You guys are awesome :wink: