Roland Juno 60 LED issue

Hello all,
I have an Roland Juno 60 that I want to repair the LED display. Some of the seqments lit up and the values change ok but you cant read the numbers cause the seqments are out. Is there a part available for this? I have a Juno 106 LED display, maybe that will work? I see the LCD in the Juno 60 has a little driver board:
Or can I just repair my display board. Doesnt look like there is anything too kinky but I am not sure what that chip in the photo is …maybe transistor array?

Or just replace the LED display itself but I dont know the make/model of this unit.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

looked at hi res copy of service manual and it looks like the led board is lb602va2 or ln526a both are available and cheap so not unobtainium! yay!