Roland Juno 60 weird issues

When starting up the juno 60 everything seems normal.
The display shows “–” and the chorus is switched off.
I can change around with the faders to alter the sound just fine.
I do stay away from the wave selector and chorus buttons because the problem that i’m about to describe keeps the chorus on once I switched it on, and not all wave forms can be toggled so I stay away from those buttons too…
Again, it does sound fine at this stage.

Then when i try to hit a memory location, things go wrong

  • I can only acces a couple of memory locations within bank 3 and 4;
  • The sub oscillator on/off LED stays on, it can not be toggled off;
  • The square wave on/off LED stays on;
  • I can not switch off the chorus;
  • The sound seems partly out of control, with a lingering sustain

I replaced the 40 pin IC14 on panel board B = uPD80C49C-028 as this seems to be at the center of where all controls end up, alas this was to no avail.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong here?