Roland juno d - all dead keys

Hi everyone, I have a Roland Juno D with all keys dead, not a single one triggers sound, however when I play the demo songs from the synth those do sound loud and clear, also there some buttons that do no respond, I checked the buttons, dissasembled them and cleaned the tiny copper plate and connections inside but same result, any ideas of what to do with this problems? Thanks in advance.

Hi iborg!

Can you play the Juno D with another device? I’m not sure if that model has midi. If you can, then your chips are fine. Remember keys don’t send the trigger signal, the keybed ribbon cable does! Open that puppy up, locate the cable coming from your keybed, follow it to the main/logic board, is it tight? Any burns, folds, creases in places that don’t look symmetrical?

I will try to play it with another Roland that I have, the Juno D has conventional midi in and out, let me see what happens. About the buttons, any ideas?

I use to own a Juno-D and I had to replace all of the keyboard contacts. Unfortunately they are known for doing this. It’s a fiddly job but it will bring the keyboard back to life.

Usually control panel buttons that are on their way out need replacing, I’ve done a lot of these on Roland D-50s and D-10s. This does involve de-soldering the old ones and re-soldering the new ones back in. On older synths I usually replace the lot, but on a more recent synth like a Juno-D you can probably get away with just replacing the faulty ones.

Thanks darenbir-9, I replaced the buttons with new ones and it worked just fine, as CheFred suggested I played the Juno D with another keyboard via midi, as slave, and it works, I have sound loud and clear, so I think my next step is to replace the entire keybed.