Roland Juno G Output Volume Low

We currently have (2) Juno G synthesizers in our rental inventory. They are, component-wise, identical. However, one of the units is exactly 12 dBv lower in output. It is not distorted, and the digital output adjustments in the menu are not the issue. I have also confirmed the issue is not patch or firmware-related. The outputs of both units were measured on a reliable analogue scope and DVM, using the built-in audio test program.

In a direct A/B of the units, we initially thought we had tracked the issue to either a suspect-looking capacitor (in the audio mute circuit; see attached), or an IC in the same circuit that appeared different on a curve tracer.

Both components were removed and replaced, but the issue still remains. Personally, because the unit will be plugged into either a DI/Pre-amp signal chain, or an amplifier (both of which are reliable gain stages that can handle an extra 12dbv of boost), the issue is not crucial. But in instances where both units are in use at once, it often leads to complaints.

Just hoping someone has had a similar issue, or there is a known solution

This is the Schematic page for the previous image (couldn’t post more than one image)

I had one in the shop and it was experiencing the same problem. Go and reinsert the wire ribbon cables. Look for continuity as well. Also look for any wires that may have been pinched down by and screws. Good luck!