Roland Juno GI - No Patch Audio

Greetings Syntaur Community,

Long time listener, first time caller. I recently acquired a Roland Juno Gi. This Juno powers up just fine, all the knobs and sliders appear to have their usual functions. I can jog the dial and see all 1200+ patches, however, I cannot get the patches/voices to sing.

(Firmware) I reset to factory defaults, updated the firmware to 1.11, still no action from the internal voices/patches.

(Other audio paths) This Juno has USB along with TRS and XLR input. Good news, if I hook up my tablet via USB, I can push the tablet’s audio through the Juno. So my USB audio pass though works, all the jacks clearly work. I can plug in a guitar or microphone and trigger all the things associated with the guitar and microphone ‘in’ meaning the record functions, effects, everything works.

(MIDI routing) I’ve also plugged in my SH01 via MIDI. Good news, if I MIDI out from the JUNO the MIDI in on the SH01, the juno triggers the SH01, so I know the keybed works. However, if I do the opposite and allow the SH01 to control the Juno, nadda. No patch noise.

If I choose ANY patches, regardless of the volume, effects, or other parameters, I get no audio. I know the 106 suffers from voice chip issues, however, the Gi doesn’t seem to utilize those same voice chips…

(hardware) I opened it up, removed all the boards, ensured all ribbon cables are tight, cleaned everything with compressed air, there’s not a burn, particle of dust, or drop of solder out of place on any of the boards. I do not have any circut testing equipment at my disposal.

Syntaur, am I out of my league? Anyone have any final tests/actions to try before I go looking for a repair shop?

Same issue, but my post just got cricket sounds…

I suppose we can work together! Based on my knowledge of how computers work, if the voice chip were damaged, I don’t think the patches would even show up. I’m not getting any error messages. Since I can see the “memory” IE all the names of those patches, I assume my RAM is still intact. I also assume you have the same issue; you can jog the wheel choose a patch, even the guitar amp modelers work, but those patches don’t sing?

If you kick if over to the record/mini mixer options and choose the keybed to trigger patches, do you see the recording levels flicker? Mine do not, I cannot trigger these patches with an external MIDI device. So that leaves me with one idea; what ever sends the key bed signal to the voice chip isn’t being sent or it’s not being received. Since I’m not seeing the rec levels bounce, I dont think the GI is actually triggering the patch, the drawl bridge is up. Unfortunately, we’re into micro circuit routing territory. I would assume we both need that signal path fixed and the only way to do that

  1. Find a replacement board (likely at the cost of the GI) by buying another broken one and build a Frankenstein.
  2. Find a repair shop with licensing deals that can find that board. (again we’re talking 4-500 USD)
  3. Part out your current GI. You can flip the key bed, LCD, knobs ect
    With current trade wars and Roland’s notorious lack of customer support; just bite the bullet and duct tape a JU-06 over the LCD.

All jokes aside, we need a schematic. The unit isn’t too hard to disassemble if your know your way around a desktop. I’m curious if you’ve opened yours and looked over every capacitor. I bet one of them popped but didn’t give up smoke. There’s gotta be something within that signal path from the keybed to the voicechip. Check yours for popped caps or lost solder. I think something just got hot and popped a connection, a very very very very tiny PITA connection. God speed.

I haven’t even opened mine, but sometime this weekend I will and I will let you know about findings.
Thanks for reaching out.