Roland Juno-Gi Programm error

Synth is loading about 1 minute and then display Programm error. After that all buttons and functions works, but has no audio.
Version of software in menu is empty.
When i try to upgrade firmware - Main fw writing and checking is ok, but it hangs on Sub fw checking. FW from Roland Support and i do it according Roland fw upgrade manual… No result.
May be its needed to flash firmware by the programmer, but i have no fw dumps…
Help me plz!

I have the same problem but nobody from Syntaur replies our messages. If you find a solution, please post it!

K Man!

I’m in a similar boat with the same unit. However, you’re getting a program error? What is the error exactly? My GI doesn’t throw an error code, the only issue is the patches do not trigger.

Sounds to me like the firmware flubbed on the install. How are you formatting your USB for the firmware flash? I suggest letting the GI format at least an 8 GB stick via the main menu, chuck it back in your PC, extract/unzip the firmware to your desktop first, then drag and drop the the USB stick, slap it back in the GI and do a drumroll on your desk. (You might have kept the firmware zipped or on a funky formatted drive and it hiccuped during install)

Otherwise, try plugging in a guitar or mic, do you still get audio? You can also plug the GI into a PC via USB and route the USB audio through the GI. If this all works I dont think the jacks or amp is failing, I think it’s the signal path from the keybed to the voice chip. I’m curious about the program error.

Perhaps this is a firmware issue? Maybe I can send you a FW dump from my rig?

I think, that it is firmware or NAND issue.
Send me your dump, i will try to reflash it.